Aug 20, 2020

1. Pick your favorite color and use it as an accent throughout your entire house for pillows, window coverings, rugs, accent walls and decorative accessories. It will lead the eye from room to room and create an instant sense of flow.

Bedroom Detail - Seagate Interior Design

2. Not sure which color to pick? I often advise clients to look into their closets – there is a reason for all the denim or black, or orange in there. Take a cue from you wardrobe. I once designed a whole house around a pair of AG jeans and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

3. Monochromatic color schemes are very sophisticated. Simply pick one color and use it in varying hues and tones. Mixed with white walls it will look great no matter which color you pick.

4. White comes in hundreds of shades – pick yours carefully so the whites on your walls, trim, furniture and lamp shades coordinate nicely and nothing looks “dirty” or “yellowed”.

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