Jun 9, 2020

One of the most common struggles homeowners face when decorating without the help of an interior designer is selecting the right light fixtures. An outdated sconce or chandelier can ruin an otherwise perfect room. Fixtures that are too small instantly point to an inexperienced decorator.

So how do you choose a light fixture?

I believe a great light fixture is the best way to create instant drama in a room. So I go for bold, large, unusual, unique.

Kitchen Diner - Delray Beach Townhouse

What do you take into consideration when choosing a light fixture?

My first consideration is function, then size and shape. I narrow down options in regards to those 3 aspects, then I search by finish, style and light output (number of sockets and wattage).

What are your top tips for choosing light fixtures?

1. Let your light fixture become the center of attention.
2. When in doubt always go bigger.
3. Splurge.

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