Beach House Bedroom Design

Apr 27, 2021

Beach House Bedroom Design

Westport, CT – August 6, 2014: Home of Olga Adler in Westport, Connecticut. Credit: Photography by Bruce Buck.

There is one thing that all beach house interior designs have in common – they try to bring the outside in and they extend the inside out. It is especially obvious in beach house bedroom design. How wonderful is it to wake up to a beautiful water view, to feel and smell the salty breeze, to hear the waves?

In beach house bedrooms design you will often find furniture made out of natural materials – naturally acting as an extension of the natural world outside. A bed frame or headboard made out of teak, raffia or rattan paired with white bedding – often in soft linen or crisp cotton – make for a perfect respite after a sun-filled day.

Typically, light, flowing drapery will perform a decorative function and will be supported by solar or blackout shades (often motorized) to assure not only the inhabitants undisturbed sleep but also to protect the furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

We love using natural plants in bedrooms for extra layer of interest and subtle color during the day, and for their air-purifying qualities at night. Place the plants in oversize planters and position them by the window.

We prefer to use light colors (white, ivory, cream, light grey), natural fabrics (linen and cotton) and uncomplicated color schemes when designing beach house bedrooms. I believe that a beach view should do most of the talking. That’s where mirrors come in – strategically placed mirror can act as beach view multiplier and magnifier, and can add additional interest to an otherwise neutral beach bedroom decor.

Beach house floors are often made out of natural stone or tile – very practical for sand-covered feet but not very friendly for a bare foot morning experience. That’s why we love layering these cold floors with natural floor coverings, especially light wool, silk and soft sisal.

As always, dramatic ceiling light fixtures are a must! We love using chandeliers and pendants made out of natural materials such as glass, capiz or coconut shells.

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