Overwhelmed with all the decorating options out there? Tired of costly mistakes? Don’t know where to start? Read a million design blogs and still feel stuck?

Would you like a second pair of eyes to review your ideas and selections? Advise on style, colors, furniture sizing for your actual space? Help you get started or keep you going? A design expert can make your decorating problems go away, giving you the clarity and roadmap to follow on your own. We can save your time, money, and sanity. You can get a home you always wanted.

Olga Adler started RENT MY EYE™ in 2008 when several of her large projects were cancelled overnight as the stock market collapsed and her Wall Street clients pulled back. She came up with a concept of “design sessions” that help the homeowner create a decorating master plan they can follow at their own pace. She called it RENT MY EYE™.

Before your design session you will provide a list of your decorating dilemmas – the more information we get upfront, the better use of Olga’s time and your money. Depending on your list, a 2-hour session can address one or multiple rooms and a variety of design problems and solutions. Each 2-hr RENT MY EYE™ design session costs $800.


I recently engaged Olga for a 2 Hour RENT MY EYE™ session and was so happy I did. Upon arriving, she quickly got a feel for us and our home and immediately got to work by providing ideas to finish our family room/kitchen area. She sat down with me and we shopped online for the appropriate finishing touches which have since arrived and look amazing. When I walk into the space now, I love it and am so happy that I had Olga to help me complete the project. Her eye and design style are wonderful! I highly recommend her and will definitely use her again.
Kristen, Delray Beach
Olga was phenomenal during our RENT MY EYE™ session. She has extended knowledge and was able to provide solutions, ideas and put together a design concept. It was extremely valuable to us – we highly recommend her.
Ida G., Boca Raton
We hired Olga for a 2 hour RENT MY EYE™ for a living room and dining room total redo. About 10 minutes after she got to our house and looked around, I could tell she got us and the feel we wanted for our rooms. She’s both a good listener and good observer. We appreciated her creative ideas. Just as important to us was her practicality. She was enthusiastic. Leaving us with a design that was pretty and also practical was clearly important to her. She was very focused on every detail. Olga was also helpful and prompt when I had some shopping questions after our session. We would definitely use her again and recommend her to friends.

Shelley T.

I did RENT MY EYE™ for my office and when I saw the terrific job Olga did, I immediately hired her to do RENT MY EYE™ for my home. She turned my messy, ugly office into a beautiful, harmonious place to work (without spending a fortune) and my home looks GORGEOUS! What’s more, she and her staff have been wonderful to work with. After the session, they answered my questions quickly, patiently and professionally. I also really appreciated how she used many of my existing pieces and artwork in the new design scheme, placing them where they would look best and the resources she suggested and sourced were beautiful and very reasonably priced. Olga is a talented and gifted professional who worked closely with me to execute my vision for both spaces and I highly recommend this service.

Susan B.

After moving, I needed assistance to determine how my furniture would fit into our new space. During the RENT MY EYE™ session, Olga and I reviewed each room in our new home. She helped me finalize my ideas, and provided solutions to numerous problems. Working with Olga was very efficient and gratifying. I now have a clear plan for painting, furniture & decoration purchases, and overall design.

Glori N.

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