Dining Room Design

Sep 23, 2021

A great dining table is a centerpiece of any dining room, whether it’s a Parson’s table with its simple square design, a pedestal table with a dramatic base, or a trestle table on a criss-cross base.  Is the shape square, rectangular, round, or oval?  Is the top wood, metal, concrete, or glass?  The options are almost unlimited.

Dining Room Design

Next come the chairs with even more opportunity to make a dramatic design statement with shapes and materials.  Wood, fabric upholstery, leather, metal, acrylic – and that’s before we even get to the color!

We used fabric and leather chairs most frequently, with Parsons chairs upholstered in performance linen or leather for ultimate durability and easy cleaning being our go-to-choices. If possible we like to add a side-board or a console table which offers ample space for buffet-style dining while grounding the space and offering ample surface for displaying decorative accessories when not in use.

Dining Room Design

As in many Olga Adler’s designs, dining rooms are illuminated by spectacular chandeliers or pendants.

Never an afterthought, original art can set the stage for fascinating dinner time conversations.

“I enjoy creating spaces where people congregate naturally – family and friends gathering together over delicious food can create the most precious memories and that’s what my dining room designs are all about”.


Dining Room Design

Here are some basic tips for designing a beautiful and functional dining room:

  • Round tables are the best dining tables – they promote great conversation as everybody can see everybody!
  • Pedestal tables are the most flexible ones as there are no table legs to get in a way of chairs.
  • A 48″ round table can seat four, 54″ will seat six, 60″ will be perfect for eight and you can have up to 10 guests at a 72″ table.
  • A standard dining table height is 29″ to 30″ but make sure to factor in the thickness of the top or an apron when choosing your dining chairs.
Dining Room Design

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