Kristy C., Delray Beach

I had the pleasure of working with Olga Adler for my coastal modern home in Delray Beach, Florida and it was an excellent experience from start to finish. Olga is a highly skilled professional with an eye for design , but is also a delight to work with.

Olga was highly responsive and communicative which was invaluable during the construction process, always able to help us make quick pivots when necessary because of limited materials or product delays. She took the time to get to know our style and preferences and used her expertise to refine and enhance them.

One of our favorite design features was her use of wallpaper. She expertly sourced and placed beautiful, textured and patterned wallpapers creating a sense of depth, and interest into several rooms.

Her use of accessories, and art was another highlight. She has an incredible eye for finding unique and interesting objects that add personality and character to a space. From vases, to wall art and textiles, each piece feels intentional and thoughtfully placed.

Olga’s mix of artistry, technical skills and personal touch made the design process both enjoyable and effortless. She brought a vision for a coastal modern home to life and we are thrilled with the results!

Richard T., Ocean Ridge

Olga was a pleasure to work with. She listened to our needs and paid attention to every small detail. We highly recommend Olga and will use her again for our interior design needs.

Tanya H., Delray Beach

We used Olga to redecorate and remodel our townhome. She did a fabulous job and we get many compliments on the interior. She was very organized and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Edna G., Boca Raton

It has been an absolute honor & pleasure to work with Olga. We began with my living room & continued to the bedroom. She coordinated & worked with my contractor who absolutely loved working with her. The results were above & beyond my expectations. Olga’s support & knowledge for lighting, furniture & fabric choices made every step a joyful process. I look forward to the next project of my kitchen renovation.

Kerri Smith, Ocean Ridge

Olga is the best in the business, hands down. With a contemporary style with a classic European flair, Olga can transform a space like nobody I have seen. She renovated our entire downstairs, and took it from tired to stunning. We are thrilled by the results, it literally makes us smile every day. Olga is also a great GC, communicator, and understands her client’s needs and particular styles. Oh, and she’s an awesome human also. We HIGHLY recommend Olga Adler for your design needs, big or small.

Philip Gambaccini, Delray Beach

Olga has been extremely helpful in setting up my house in Delray Beach. She oversaw everything from installing new floors to choosing paint colors and selecting furniture. Her designs addressed my needs and taste while adding her invaluable personal touch. I’m very pleased with the results.

Edward Plaut, Delray Beach, FL

Olga did a great job designing my house in Delray Beach, which was new construction. She made my home very welcoming for family and guests! She selected and sourced all custom furnishings, dramatic light fixtures, practical floor and window coverings, as well as art and accessories. Indoor and outdoor spaces were designed to complement each other and to create a seamless flow. The project was completed in just 4 months, and on budget.

Karen Schlesinger, Boca Raton, FL

Olga did an amazing job of transitioning my family into a new home. She helped edit my previous furnishings while adding new furniture, rugs, lighting and art to create a fresh look. The result is a decor that is comfortable and familiar, because we kept some of my older pieces, and also exciting and elegant with the addition of all the new pieces.
Olga designed a plan for our home so the interior and exterior visually flow while complementing the house’s architecture-all through beautiful choices of color, tone and texture.

Debra S., Delray Beach

My husband & I hired Olga Adler to help design and decorate our home in Delray Beach Florida. It was a challenge as we had a very tight schedule and budget for this project. Upon our first meeting with Olga we knew we had chosen the right person for this project. She was professional, prepared and to the point. Within a few short weeks we had layouts for every room as well as concept ideas for implementing the ultimate design which was “beach house” inspired.
Olga works very quickly and efficiently and our house was completely done in less then 4 weeks! We shopped together to pick out furnishings in the antique center in West Palm Beach & as well as searching the internet together. We had a budget which we stuck to and were amazingly happy with the results! Olga was a pleasure to work with and I feel completely comfortable recommending her to anyone in need of an interior designer no matter what your budget!

Bill K., Delray Beach

I hired Olga to re-design my condo in downtown Delray Beach. Since it’s my winter home I needed someone who could drive the design and implementation process from beginning to end while I was away in the summer. Olga took charge and the entire house was renovated and decorated in 3 months. It’s a fantastic space and I couldn’t be happier with the design and the process.

Stacie H., Mamaroneck, NY

Olga brought us peace of mind. We were completely overwhelmed with the task of filling our new empty house with furniture and we were very excited to put things in Olga’s capable hands. In our first meeting she seemed
to understand exactly what we were looking for and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Glori N., Ridgefield, CT

After moving, I needed assistance to determine how my furniture would fit into our new space. During the RENT MY EYE session, Olga and I reviewed each room in our new home. She helped me finalize my ideas, and provided solutions to numerous problems. Working with Olga was very efficient and gratifying. I now have a clear plan for painting, furniture & decoration purchases, and overall design.

Jane P., Norwalk, CT

I was moving from my home of 35 years to a one bedroom apartment. I needed help keeping my style and a few of my favorite things and feeling happy about the move. The process was effortless. Olga ‘got’ me right away, and took this enormous responsibility and decision-making off my chest and into her enormous heart. She presented me with a gorgeous plan that fit me and my new space. I didn’t have to do a thing after that except ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when given a choice of chair or fabric swatch. Olga did ALL the heavy lifting. I tell everyone I know how happy I am in it. I absolutely LOVE where I am, how it fits me and how it meets every need I have.

Margaret B., Greenwich, CT

Olga Adler designed 2 homes for my family, top to bottom. She is young and energetic, fun to work with, creative and has that European flair that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Bob and Melinda J., Greenwich, CT

Dear Olga, you have transformed our house into an oasis of style and comfort, something nobody else has ever achieved before. It is uncanny how well you listened and how you understood our needs from the day we met. We now know how much goes on “behind the scenes” and we did not make it easy for you with our busy schedules, yet you made the process easy and fun for us. Thank you very much – it has been a great journey and we will never work with anybody else!

Ruth and Richard F., Ridgefield CT

Olga’s ability to envision a design project from both an aesthetic and practical perspective is outstanding. She listens to her clients and educates them throughout the design process, making sure that the design both fits their taste and makes sense for the way the room will be utilized by that specific family. The kitchen and family room design she created for our family is both beautiful and utilitarian. We are constantly saying “Thanks Olga” when we are cooking – just because everything we need is there and in a place that makes sense. Her experience and good taste are evident in everything she does.

Richard C., Manhattan, NYC

Olga, are you sure that’s my apartment? It looks too good to be true. I will absolutely forward along any potential clients I run across.

Kelli and Paul M., Ridgefield, CT

After trying many pieces and wasting a lot of money on furniture, we could not get the main living area to feel comfortable let alone represent our style. We took a chance that Olga would be willing to work with us and were completely blown away by her openness to embrace our casual, natural style. Where we hesitated she gave confidence to play and step away from “design rules”, which made enormous difference in making the space something we look forward to coming home to. It would be easy to think of a designer as someone who instills her own style on the client but what Olga did was precisely to interpret and translate our style into the space. She is a truly gifted designer and complete pleasure to work with.

Maria and John P., New Canaan, CT

Olga, thank you very much for all the wonderful work you did in our house. From the very first meeting you understood what we wanted to achieve and really executed it brilliantly. You didn’t use the “one style fits all” approach, which we know is a prevailing one these days with decorators using the same sources over and over again. We enjoyed working with you very much – you made our house look elegant in an effortless kind of way – exactly the look we were hoping for. You deserve your success!

Peter & Lisa V., Ridgefield, CT

The impending wedding of our son brought to our attention that our main floor rooms just did not have the cohesive feel that we would like to showcase at our family gathering. Although our rooms had a number of very nice decorative elements, they came across as a disjointed collection of objects and we were at a loss as to how to tie them together. We challenged Olga to incorporate many of the existing elements while pulling them together through a coordination of colors, fabrics, treatments and furniture styles. Our objective was to achieve a sophisticated look, at a reasonable cost and to have it completed at least a month before the wedding. We were amazed at how quickly Olga helped us to reposition our art collection and pick out coordinated wall colors, drapery and window treatments, new furniture, fabrics for re-upholstery and finish carpentry treatments. We were really pleased with the outcome and it enabled us to entertain our family and friends in an outstanding stylish setting that made the statement we were looking for.

Paula and Paul S., Lexington, MA

Olga has worked transforming our house over these past several years and we couldn’t be happier with her or the results. She has a keen sense of style and listens and understands what we are looking to accomplish. She is approachable and accessible, and always quick to respond. We appreciate her high quality standards for workmanship and the thoughtful way she approaches her projects. We are constantly amazed at her ability to listen to our vision and then execute it so it feels like ours but with a sense of style and cohesiveness that we never could have accomplished on our own. She truly is a pleasure to work with and exceptionally talented at what she does.

Stephanie L., Ridgefield CT

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I couldn’t be happier with the rooms you have decorated. You have helped me transition our house into a home that my family and I enjoy every day.
I am so happy with how the family room and kitchen turned out. You have an incredible sense of style and you managed to integrate fun and unique features into my more traditional style. You addressed all of our needs and made so many recommendations that we appreciate every day. The color palate is amazing – I constantly get compliments on the window treatments and fun fabrics and designs throughout the room. You were also very respectful of my budget while helping me to make sensible investments in key pieces.
I also love the adorable nursery you created for us. You were so creative in how you transitioned a guest room into the perfect nursery – somehow making it fun and appropriate while maintaining a hint of sophistication. Most importantly, I can’t thank you enough for accommodating the early arrival of my son and working with me on such a tight timeline.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and look forward to our next project!

Kate K., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Olga has designed bedrooms for both of my kids. She connected with my son and daughter quickly and delivered great ideas and solutions that were both fun and practical. My kids love their spaces! What I appreciate being a business owner myself was Olga’s professional manner: she worked hard to accommodate my busy travel schedule and respected our time and budget.

Susan B., New York

I did RENT MY EYE™ for my office and when I saw the terrific job Olga did, I immediately hired her to do RENT MY EYE™ for my home. She turned my messy, ugly office into a beautiful, harmonious place to work (without spending a fortune) and my home looks GORGEOUS! What’s more she and her staff have been wonderful to work with. After the session they answered my questions quickly, patiently and professionally. I also really appreciated how she used many of my existing pieces and artwork in the new design scheme, placing them where they would look best and the resources she suggested and sourced were beautiful and very reasonably priced. Olga is a talented and gifted professional who worked closely with me to execute my vision for both spaces and I highly recommend this service.

Carol and John L., New Canaan, CT

My husband and I interviewed about a dozen designers before we settled on working with Olga. We liked her fresh approach and we were amazed by how quick she was in understanding what we wanted to achieve in our new home. We were very happy with how our house turned out and so we recommended her to several of our friends. Each time we sent someone her way we got a bottle of great wine that very day! She is sweet and kind and just a pleasure to work with.

Lois B., New York, NY

I had a wonderful experience with Olga Adler and her RENT MY EYE™. She came to my NYC apartment and, after a detailed discussion about what I was hoping to accomplish, was able to give me amazing ideas for renovating my apartment with focus on paint colors and furniture arrangement. She was able to give me two different ways of accomplishing my goals, by offering short term ideas which would fit my current budget but also offering ideas for the future. Olga Adler proved to be an extremely qualified and talented interior designer and I would heartily recommend her to anyone looking to renovate their home. Her RENT MY EYE™ service was just what I needed and had never been able to find.

Timothy R., Westport CT

I had never worked with a decorator before and was a little apprehensive about it. However, Olga came very highly recommended and I needed the help. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was to work with Olga and her team, and how well the process worked. Even the delivery guys were great. She listened to my needs, provided creative alternatives, and delivered a great result. Also, we were able to meet my budget even though Olga did more work than we originally agreed to. She was always very responsive and enthusiastic, and I would definitely work with her again.

Connie Hatterman, Owner – Fredric &Co, Darien, CT

Our hair salon needed a fresh look – we had many ideas but wanted to make sure we were making the best possible choices. We hired Olga Adler to help us navigate through the decorating process. Working together, we settled on a great new color scheme, selected finishes, fixtures and artwork, and made sure we were utilizing the space to its best potential. Olga made the process easy and stress-free. The result is a great look that is both current and timeless. Our clients love it and our staff enjoys the new work environment.

Fran Pastore, President – Women’s Business Development Council, CT

Olga was instrumental in assisting us with making design decisions during our office expansion. She fully understood that we wanted the office to have one cohesive look. We knew this would be a challenge since our space consists of offices and a classroom which can often look segregated. It was important to us that our space was functional while still looking attractive. Olga knew how to achieve that goal based on furniture and color scheme choices. We had a very positive experience and will continue to work with Olga in the future.

Susan Berkley, President – The Great Voice Company, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Olga Adler turned my messy, ugly office into a beautiful, harmonious place to work (without spending a fortune). What’s more she and her staff have been wonderful to work with. After the design session they answered my questions quickly, patiently and professionally. I also really appreciated how she used many of my existing pieces and artwork in the new design scheme, placing them where they would look best and the resources she suggested and sourced were beautiful and very reasonably priced. Olga is a talented and gifted professional who worked closely with me to execute my vision and I highly recommend her service.

Roslyn Stone, President – Corporate Wellness, Stamford, CT

Olga was initially recommended to us by two totally separate sources. We were moving into new office space and needed design, color selections, floor plan and furniture layout (of existing furniture) and sourcing for new furniture as our new space was much larger than the previous one. Olga quickly learned what style we preferred, worked directly with our landlord and helped us select reasonably priced, smart pieces. We are thrilled with the outcome – the look, the feel and the layout. She was easy to work with, always met deadlines and stayed well within the budget we outlined. I hope to utilize her services again in the near future and highly recommend her for both commercial and residential design projects.

Partners, Heckler & O’Keefe, Armonk, NY

Olga was a pleasure to work with. She was very professional in every aspect; the telephone, email, and in person. Olga responded quickly to our original request and did for us exactly as promised. She listened to our needs, gave us some ideas and pointed us directly to websites for our purchases. Within weeks of her original visit, our office looks professional and quite classy! We would recommend Olga’s RENT MY EYE™program to anyone looking to get a professional decorator’s opinion.

Gillian Anderson, President – Anderson Wealth Management, Westport, CT
Olga Adler has great intuition and unique style with a practical eye. My business moved into a professional office building for the first time and we needed guidance with our floor plan, new furniture and decor in an empty rectangle with great light! Olga helped us identify the functionality we needed coupled with the style we desired. She has enabled us to project the combined image we sought –to clearly demonstrate our high standards, professionalism and a warm welcome. Thank you Olga for getting us off to a flying start in our new digs!

Bea Schriver, Founder – Bea Schriver Florals, Wilton, CT

Olga is personable, artistic and versatile. She always stays on top of the latest trends and her enthusiasm for interior design is contagious. Olga has great personal style which comes through in her interiors. Traditional, contemporary, Zen –Olga does it all! I would highly recommend Olga Adler Interiors for any residential or commercial interior design project.

Peter Coffin, Partner – Doyle Coffin Architecture

As an architect, it is critically important for me to work with a talented team of professionals and experts who are not only great designers, but are able to effectively work together in a coordinated effort. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Olga and her design team for the past several years both professionally and personally. When I have a client who is struggling with their tile, color, fabric or furnishing choices, I know that I can bring in Olga for a quick consult or a full blown comprehensive design depending on my client’s budget. She is professional, creative, fun and easy to work with and has a great eye for design…what else can you ask for!

Deena W., Scarsdale, NY

Olga is the best! She made the process of making our new house our home easy and fun. She has fantastic taste and was able to seamlessly translate our ideas into reality. We cannot recommend her enough.

Shari S., Fairfield, CT

We used Olga’s RENT MY EYE™ service when moving into our first house. We were overwhelmed with all the rooms to furnish and walls to paint having come from a small apartment, so we turned to Olga to help us envision the future design of our home. Olga helped us select the right colors for our walls and floors and gave us suggestions for future furnishings and projects for our home. We liked that we could get the opinion of a designer without having to spend a fortune. Her service also allows us to take our time filling our home with beautiful things, which is helpful on the budget of a first time homeowner.

Betsy J., Westport, CT

Put her on your speed dial before all your friends do!

Jackie S., Ridgefield, CT

Olga, we are very much enjoying the changes you have wrought in our home and I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with you. I keep looking around for new projects!


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