Ocean Ridge Interior Designer

Mar 18, 2021

Ocean Ridge is a neighborhood close to Boynton Beach, Florida.

This luxurious area Ocean Ridge was founded in 1931 as the Town of Boynton Beach, and was originally part of the Town of Boynton. Major Nathan S. Boynton visited the area in 1894, and established the Boynton Beach Hotel in 1897. 

Due to disputes over beach area property taxes and the Town of Boynton’s rising debt load, twelve homes were created to form the Town of Boynton Beach in 1931. But in 1937, the Town Commission called a special emergency meeting regarding Boynton Beach’s name, because mail was being sent by error to Daytona Beach as the names were too similar.

A contest was launched to choose a new name which was won by Marion White Bird, the daughter of then Mayor Michael White. She suggested the name “Ocean Ridge” and the name was officially changed to “Ocean Ridge” in 1939.

Ocean Ridge interior design takes its inspiration from all over Florida, luxury is found in every corner of this friendly community, and especially in its beautiful coastal location.

Ocean Ridge Interior Designer

Olga Adler Interiors is inspired by the natural beauty of Ocean Ridge and its fine living which its residents enjoy. 

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Ocean Ridge Interior Designer

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