Delray Beach 2020 Home Design Trends

Mar 18, 2020

What are the top two or three trends you’re seeing in real estate and home design in Delray Beach for this spring and summer?

Making the connection between your chronic health issues and indoor air quality in your home leads to homeowners seeking options such as “green” furniture, organic upholstery and bedding, natural wool floor coverings, low-VOC paints, sophisticated water filtration systems and air-purifying HVAC systems. Those will be especially important for people with any autoimmune issues.

Delray Beach 2020 Home Design Trends


Eco-friendly options such as LED lighting, tankless water heaters and solar panels will continue to matter to home buyers, who care about their environmental footprint.

From the aesthetic perspective, statement light fixtures will continue to be super important, and matte black metal finishes are a big trend this year.


Do you see new construction as an increasing trend in Delray Beach? What are you seeing in terms of your clients needs and wants?

About half of my projects are new construction – project where we engage at the blueprint stage. Increasingly I see families relocating from larger houses West to smaller homes in premium locations, such as downtown and waterfront. So I think it’s safe to say that proximity to the water matters more thansquare footage. Formal living rooms and dining rooms are being replaced by open floor plans centered around state of the art kitchens, and complemented by large outdoor living/dining rooms, which get as much design attention as interior spaces.


What are the pluses and minuses of spec new constructionfor a buyer?

The most obvious advantage of buying a spec home, apart from enjoying the most current in home design and smart technology, is the ability to focus on decorating instead of having to deal with building or extensive renovations. On the other hand, being able to start from scratch, design a space exactly the way you want it, is what’s attractive in buying older homes and embarking on major remodels.

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