Interview with Debra Somerville

Apr 5, 2021


Interview with Debra Somerville
  1. Where do you live?

    Delray Beach

  2. How long have you lived in South Florida, where are you from originally and where did you live before?

    My husband and I bought our house in East Delray in 2014. We moved here full time 4 years ago. I grew up on the shores on Long Island, moved to NYC and went to school there. I developed my business and lived in CT for many years before finally landing in Delray.

  3. Tell me about your business: Why do clients seek your products/services? What is your specialty? Who is your typical client?

    I’m a commercial photographer specializing in personal branding imagery for websites and social media.

  4. What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?

    What I love the most about my job is the amazing people I get to meet and work with every day. Each business brings about another adventure and a unique set of challenges. I especially love helping your entrepreneurs with their brand and creating content that best represents who they are. I believe what sets me apart is my background in modeling and fashion photography. My skill set is very versatile though – in addition to fashion I’m comfortable shooting portraiture, lifestyle, products and interiors. You will also see me shooting some of Delray’s many amazing events, which I love to do, especially Delray Beach Fashion Week.

Interview with Debra Somerville
  1. What’s your favorite thing about Delray Beach?

    Being a Long Island girl I had spent most of my summers at the beach. It was always my dream to live in a place where I can enjoy the ocean 365 days a year. My favorite thing about Delray is accessibility to its beautiful beaches. Delray Beach restricts buildings over a certain height so there are few high risers obstructing the view. I love walking my dog along A1A, enjoying our fabulous weather and taunting my friends back in CT! But what I love most about Delray Beach is the people. It still feels like a small town even with all the new businesses springing up. I’m especially grateful to the warm welcome of the Downtown Development Authority and Delray Chamber of Commerce, who have embraced me and supported me from the beginning.


    Check out Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority: and Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce:

  2. How would you describe your personal style?

    For work you’ll often see me squatting or bending down in some awkward position to get that perfect shot so my personal style reflects the need to be stylish yet comfortable. I typically wear a pair of cool joggers with a t-shirt and sneakers, and I’m currently obsessed with camo! For evening I love wearing all white, which I accessorize with a beautiful necklace or belt. I never fuss with my hair and makeup although I probably should be using more product. I like a natural look so I use a little base, blush, mascara and a natural lip. My go-to is Chanel.

Thank you, Debra!

To see Debra’s beautiful and versatile portfolio visit her website: and IG:

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