Oct 1, 2020

It’s been a rather grim summer, despite gorgeous weather and great food we get to normally enjoy here in South Florida. But it seems that 2020 design trends reflect our need to re-calibrate, meditate on life and return to nature, and that small changes we can make in our home decor hopefully will help us heal and feel better.

Here is what design experts and trend researchers say.

“Humans are feeling a greater need to be connected to nature and you will see elements of the ‘great outdoors’ infusing interior design” says Gemma Riberti – a London based trend researcher. The cozy Scandinavian influence will endure with organic shapes and natural tones still key design elements. say. It’s all about materials with sustainability in mind—natural wood, recycled textiles, un-dyed yarns, and plush soft fabrics, along with warm terra-cotta earthenware for table accessories.

pic 1 delray beach interiors bedroom
2020 brought a more subdued approach. “We see a transition into gorgeous warm neutrals that cleanse the palate and hint at the reemergence of tradition”. Neutrals that are often relegated to the background—off-whites, tinted grays, earthy ochres, and tactile beiges—will instead step to the fore, continuing that reconnection with nature and authenticity.
_pic 2 shou sugi ban
Given the trend toward soothing minimalism, it’s no surprise that the Japanese aesthetic has been a strong presence in 2020. “These looks are always present in some way, but periodically, they are energized as a trend,” says Michelle Lamb, editorial director at The Trend Curve. “Natural materials, used in simple forms, reinforce a feeling of purity that is at the core of this style.”

Beyond the rattan and cane that’s already made a comeback, Lamb highlights the wood-charring technique Shou Sugi Ban as a compelling texture for furniture and decor that speaks to eco sensibilities. She also expects to see angular furnishings and patterns that allude to origami folds as part of the trend’s influence, along with “kimonos or obi bands expressed in modern ways or inspiring shape, pattern, detail.”

pic 3 farrow and ball wallpaper
It seems our collective yearning for getting back to nature will extend to home accents. But while the last few years may have included “banana-leaf everything”, this trend will, once again, manifest in a more subtle way. Think botanical prints, lush greens, and replications of wood grains and stone patterns for pillows, rugs, and upholstery, along with delicate wild flora and fauna motifs in homewares.
pic 4 currey and company chandelier
Even lighting reflects a natural touch. “Look for organic structures in lighting with creative bases like metal and/or wood,” says Nancy Fire, creative director of Design Works International. “Tinted glass in handblown style allows imperfect shapes to take center stage, and organic substrates like rope, raffia, twine, and string are important because they bring a natural vibe into any interior space.”

Source: Architectural Digest (copy edited)

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