Oct 8, 2020

1. Add pops of strong color – they make great accent walls and set the tone for accessories and art.
Westport, CT - August 6, 2014: Home of Olga Adler in Westport, Connecticut. Credit: Photography by Bruce Buck.
2. If your bookcases or built-ins do not have a lot of architectural interest, have them painted the same color as the walls so the structure disappears and let the contents shine.
3. Add interest to a boring white built-in by painting the back wall a great saturated color such as navy, aqua or lime green.
4. Similar effect can be achieved by using a colorful wallpaper.
5. The texture of the surface affects how we see color: matte and rough surfaces seem darker than smooth and glossy ones.
6. And remember – a jolt of color is often the key component of modern decor.

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